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Classes In Kilkenny


Your weekly Argentine Tango dance class and Milonga social night in Kilkenny.

*** NB. NEW VENUE ***
KilkennyTango has moved
to the Brog Maker,
Castlecomer Road, Kilkenny.
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Continuing each Thursday from 19-Apr to 21-Jun'12, the classes are taught by Monina Paz, an Argentine, professional dancer, teacher and choreographer of Argentine Tango. See Monina's profile below.

Classes are followed each evening by a Milonga for dancing, socialising and practice.

19:00 Doors / Registration
19:15 Beginners Class
20:15 Dancing Interlude
20:30 Improvers Class (Combinations)
21:30 Dancing / Practica / Milonga

Classes start promptly as timetabled, to ensure we've plenty of time for dancing later in the evening. So, please arrive ahead of time to get changed, get a drink or have a warm up dance.

The first class is for beginners and those who wish to work on the foundations of Argentine Tango; connection with your partner, lead and follow and the essential steps and elements which are the foundation of a good tango dancer.

The second class is for those who have a good foundation in Argentine Tango. It introduces combinations and variations to further develop your understanding of the possibilities within the dance.

The cost is €10 at the door each night.

Regulars Special Offer:
Those who plan to attend each week, have the option of pre-paying the 10 weeks at a reduced rate, which effectively means two free classes.

Pre-pay €80 for 10 weeks (i.e. €8 per week instead of €10)

NB. Any missed classes in the pre-paid block are forfeit as the special offer price is for regulars only.

NB: Partner is NOT required.
You don't need a dedicated partner to dance Tango. The more people you dance with, the more you learn to connect with different partners and tell your own Tango story.

Embrace the passion of Tango!


Tango dancer, actress, teacher and choreographer.

Monina Paz exemplifies the new generation of tango dancers in Argentina. Monina studied contemporary dance in the Theatre San Martin from the age of 17 and acted in the Conservatory of Art in Buenos Aires (E.N.A.D.).

Her tango career began under maestros Carlos Rivarola and Maria Rivarola, Mingo Pugliese and Esther Pugliese. She studied tango further with Ricardo Barrios, Carlos & Rosa Perez and Eduardo Pareja (from whom she continues to learn interpretive technique and style).

Monina has made numerous film and theatrical appearances and has performed at some of the most prestigious tango houses in Argentina including: "Caballito Blanco" and Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires.

Monina has made appearances across the globe with tango performances and tango workshops/lessons.

Closer to home, Monina performed in 'Hecho En Irlanda' at the 2005 Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Based in Dublin, Monina's TangoIreland dance company is involved in Tango classes, workshops and shows and Argentinean cultural events.

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