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Argentine Tango In Kilkenny

Pic - Final By Beatriz Cuello
Final By Beatriz Cuello

Your weekly Argentine Tango dance class and Milonga social night in Kilkenny.

*** NB. NEW VENUE ***
KilkennyTango has moved
to the Brog Maker,
Castlecomer Road, Kilkenny.
*** Click here for Map and Directions ***

Classes are taught by Monina Paz, an Argentine, professional Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer.
See Monina's profile.

Continuing each Thursday from 19-Apr to 21-Jun'12 the classes teach the fundamental techniques and elements of Argentine Tango, a dance that is both dramatic and playful.

Tango is the perfect antidote to a world of anxiety and stress. The sensual rhythm of the music transports you to the salons of Buenos Aires. You live in the moment, as you connect with the rhythms of the music and your dance partner.

NB. Partner is NOT required.
You don't need a dedicated partner to dance Tango. The more people you dance with, the more you learn to connect with different partners and tell your own Tango story.

The classes are followed each evening by a Milonga for dancing, socialising and practice.

Embrace the passion of Tango!


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